Vet warns letting dogs into your bathroom could be 'fatal'

12 May 2023, 14:08

A vet has revealed why you should never let your dog in the toilet
A vet has revealed why you should never let your dog in the toilet. Picture: Getty Images
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

A vet has shared an urgent warning to dog owners over the room they should never allow their pets into.

A vet has revealed why pet owners should never allow their furry friends to enter the bathroom.

In fact, Rachel Barrack has said leaving your pooch on their own near a toilet could even be fatal.

The vet went on to say that large dogs in particular should be kept away, no matter how curious and keen they are to explore.

"Toilet bowls do not contain clean water that is appropriate for your dog or cat to consume," she told Insider.

Golden retriever Puppy dog playing with toilet roll in bathroom
Golden retriever Puppy dog playing with toilet roll in bathroom. Picture: Alamy

"Keep the lid down so your large-breed dog cannot access the bowl.”

She went on to explain that many bathrooms are cleaned with strong chemicals that can be toxic to your dogs.

And even toiletries and hygiene products can contain substances harmful for your pups.

To keep your dogs safe, Rachel warned owners to keep their bathroom doors shut or if that isn’t possible, make the room dog safe.

This includes storing products out of reach from your pets and using non harmful cleaning chemicals.

Aside from the bathroom, another expert has warned that some everyday cleaning products could also pose a threat.

Dogs should be kept away from the toilet
Dogs should be kept away from the toilet. Picture: Alamy

Ivan Ivanov from End of Tenancy Cleaning explained: "Although many popular cleaning products can give us the results we want, they are not so kind to pets, potentially putting them at risk of serious health problems.

"If they are fragrance-free, they are safer for your pet," he added.

According to End of Tenancy Cleaning data, dangerous products include oven cleaners, dishwasher tablets and laundry products.

One chemical which can be fatal to pets is ammonia, which is present in floor cleaners, drain cleaners, oven cleaners and multi-surface cleaners.

While they can effectively remove stains, this ingredient is toxic to pets and can cause severe irritation to their skin and eyes, as well as burning in the nose, throat and stomach.

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, told House Beautiful: “Make sure to keep your pet well away from products containing ammonia and if you have to use them, keep your pet in a different room until it’s completely dry.”