Mum, 16, takes one-year-old son to prom as her date

24 March 2023, 14:13

Girl takes her son as her date to prom

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Melissa McCabe was hailed an 'inspiration' after taking her young son to prom.

A 16-year-old went viral after she decided to take her young son to prom as her date.

Melissa McCabe, from Tranmere, Merseyside, gave birth to little Arthur when she was 15-years-old back in November 2020.

And the young mum didn’t want her one-year-old to miss out on this huge milestone in her life, so she decided to take Arthur with her.

While Melissa wore a blue dress decorated with sparkly crystals, her mini-me date was dressed in a beige three-piece suit.

Melissa took her son Arthur as her prom date
Melissa took her son Arthur as her prom date. Picture: Instagram

Melissa shared a string of photos and videos on TikTok last year with the caption: “Everyone going to prom with their boyfriend whereas I took my biggest blessing.”

It has now received a whopping 1.6 million views online and thousands of lovely comments.

“That’s one of the most cutest videos I’ve ever seen awh bless 🥺🥰,” said one person, while another wrote: “This made me so happy 🥺you looked beautiful!”

A third said: “i CANNOT get over how adorable this is 🥲,” while a fourth wrote: “the fact you took your baba as your date. 🏆you deserve this🤍”.

Melissa fell pregnant with Arthur when she was 15-years-old and gave birth the following year.

She recently completed her GCSEs and started at college in September to study Health and Social Care and has said she’s keen to get rid of the stigma surrounding being a young mum.

Arthur dressed up for his mum's prom
Arthur dressed up for his mum's prom. Picture: Instagram

She told the Liverpool Echo: “When I found out I was pregnant obviously I was really young. It was hard because everyone told me I was ruining my life and I wasn’t going to get my GCSEs. So many people make comments when I’m out with him.

“Often people think he’s my little brother and when I tell them he’s mine their attitude completely changes. Older people especially find it disgusting because obviously their way was to get married first and then have kids.”

Melissa often shares sweet photos with Arthur on Instagram, as well as opening up about the challenges of motherhood.