Mums spent £34 on a 12-hour Ibiza holiday and made it back for the school run

4 April 2023, 12:01 | Updated: 4 April 2023, 12:06

Mums who took 12-hour day trip to Ibiza tell This Morning how it came about

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Six mums used their day off for a 12-hour trip to Ibiza and still made it back to take their children to school.

A group of mums has revealed they took a 12-hour round trip to Ibiza and returned in time for the school run.

Appearing on This Morning, Rebecca Ratcliffe, and her friends Laura, Danielle, Danielle, Lauren and Fay told Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary all about their holiday.

The women had just one day together due to childcare commitments so had to fly to and from the holiday destination in 12 hours.

They flew out of Manchester Airport just after 6am and returned at 11pm on the same day, making sure they were back for the Monday morning school run.

A group of mums have opened up about their holiday
A group of mums have opened up about their holiday. Picture: ITV

Opening up about her day, Rebecca revealed they went for brunch and cocktails at Passion Cafe in Ibiza Town before heading to San Antonio bay to sunbathe.

The friends even managed to catch the sunset at Cafe Mambo and enjoy a lovely dinner at Bresca restaurant before heading back to the airport.

"It was such a good day - I spent time in gorgeous company with supportive female friends all on the mum journey together,” she told Alison and Dermott.

“It was a blissful day off to treasure and we all felt we'd been there longer than a day. You feel refreshed after 12 hours in the sunshine."

A group of mums took a short holiday to Ibiza
A group of mums took a short holiday to Ibiza. Picture: PA Images

Here’s a complete timeline of their day:

  • 1.30am - Wake up
  • 6am - Flight to Ibiza
  • 10am - Brunch in Ibiza town
  • Midday - Cocktail time
  • 1.15pm - Arrive in San Antonio
  • 6pm - Dinner time at Bresca
  • 7pm - Sunset at Cafe Mambo
  • 11pm - Flight back to Manchester
  • 1.15am - Arrive back in the UK
  • 6.30am - Up for the school run

The return flights were £34, while the total trip cost for each woman was around £125 'door-to-door'.

Off the back of her whistle stop tour of Ibiza, Rebecca has said she's setting up a travel business offering day trip experiences to those who are short on time.

She said: "Off the back of all the interest we've had I've set up doing a travel concierge business that's going to launch at the end of April.

"[For] anyone really. Book for groups to be able to go off and seize the day. It's important that people look after themselves."