Married at First Sight Australia: Cam Woods and Tayla Winter's secret 'affair' explained

24 April 2023, 10:40

Cam and Tayla were rumoured to have 'cheated' on MAFS Australia
Cam and Tayla were rumoured to have 'cheated' on MAFS Australia. Picture: Instagram
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Tayla and Cam were married to other people during in Married at First Sight Australia.

Married at First Sight Australia has had plenty of scandals, with partner swaps, shock exits and a lot of arguments.

And there was one particularly dramatic storyline that emerged which was a rumoured affair between Tayla Winter and Cam Woods.

Fans of the show will know Tayla tied the knot with Hugo Armstrong, while Cam got married to Lyndall Grace.

But things got awkward when there were murmurs of a potential sexting scandal between Tayla and Cam. Here’s what we know about the couple…

Tayla and Hugo were matched on MAFS Australia
Tayla and Hugo were matched on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel Nine/E4

What happened between Cam and Tayla after Married at First Sight Australia?

After MAFS Australia filming wrapped up, Tayla addressed the speculation and admitted Cam ‘flashed’ her during a FaceTime call.

"Yeah, there is a little bit of truth to that,” she said, adding that Cam was a "loose cannon," and that it was "very one-sided".

During the final reunion, Cam added: "After final vows I went back home and was having a bit of friendly banter with Tayla.

"It was just a back and forth text. It was nothing serious. It was just a friendly chat."

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Cam’s partner Lyndall has also spoken out about the rumours and said their relationship ‘changed’ once Tayla joined the season.

She also claimed Cam had made inappropriate jokes about inviting Tayla to share the night with them both.

Defending himself, Cam said: "What happens after the final vows should not concern anyone.

"I have moved on from this experiment. I was never in a relationship, I was in an experiment… If you wanted a fairytale ending, get a job at Disneyland."

Elsewhere in the final dinner party, the experts re-introduced the Honesty Box, which led to some uncomfortable admissions.

Cam and Lyndall were matched on MAFS Australia
Cam and Lyndall were matched on MAFS Australia. Picture: Channel Nine/E4

Cam said: "I wouldn't say I'm not ready for a relationship, I just think I'm not going down that path of falling in love,” causing Lyndall to leave the room upset.

Things went from bad to worse at their final vows, when Lyndall told Cameron exactly what she thought.

"Unfortunately, at one point or another, the man I met at our wedding started fading away,” she said.

Lyndall added: "I thought that because I have cystic fibrosis, I could never be someone's forever person. I've waited almost all my life to finally be able to offer my unwavering commitment to someone.”

She finished: "I want to build a life I'm proud of and that life does not include you."

When Cameron went to read his vows, she stopped him and said: "I just feel like no matter what you say today, it's only going to disappoint me again. I think I'm just done."