The Chase's Bradley Walsh left speechless by contestant's savage snub

28 April 2023, 11:07

The Chase contestant thought she was going to be on Tipping Point

Bradley Walsh was shocked when contestant Kerry Nelson dealt him a brutal blow.

The Chase's Bradley Walsh was left speechless after a contestant dealt him a savage snub during her introduction on the ITV show.

Kerry Nelson appeared confused when she stepped up to answer her cash builder questions, prompting the host to ask if she was ready to play the game.

However the quizzer stunned the 62-year-old by explaining she was hoping to meet another star altogether as she took to the floor.

In fact, she thought she was appearing on a different TV quiz show altogether.

Contestant Kerry Nelson thought she was appearing on Tipping Point.
Contestant Kerry Nelson thought she was appearing on Tipping Point. Picture: ITV

It began when she first told Brad she was "feeling a bit out of her depth", to which Bradley replied: "Join the club."

Kerry then explained: "I thought I was going to be on Tipping Point!"

Visibly shocked by her response, Bradley exclaimed: "You did?"

The pink-haired contestant continued: "I was expecting to meet Ben Shepherd.

"So it's not that I'm disappointed it's just, have you seen Ben Shepherd?"

Bradley was left dumbfounded by the comments.
Bradley was left dumbfounded by the comments. Picture: ITV

The Chase host was taken aback the comments, leaving him without words and awkwardly laughing as he processed what he'd heard.

Kerry joined in with the uncomfortable chuckles but then broke the silence by reassuring Brad with a compliment.

"You look great, obviously," she said.

The TV star brushed off the slip-up and replied with a joke, telling Kerry: "But no I'm not Ben Shepherd... more like a German Shepherd."

The blunder not only sparked conversation online among viewers, but the Tipping Point host himself chimed in to have his say.

Posting a clip of the gaffe on his Instagram account, Ben Shepherd wrote next to it: "Well you can’t blame her Brad she’s only human! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 That said, German Shepherd is as good as if not better than the real Shephard if you ask me @Bradderswalsh 🫶🤣."

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