Possible 'spelling mistake' noticed in coronation invite to Ukraine's first lady Olena Zelenska

8 May 2023, 09:04 | Updated: 9 May 2023, 07:00

The coronation invite to the Ukrainian first lady has caused a stir on social media due to a potential "spelling mistake".

Olena Zelenska proudly posted the heraldic-inspired invitation on Twitter following the coronation over the weekend.

Mrs Zelenska said: "Invitation that will be remembered forever. Was honored to attend coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla and to wish them a successful reign and prosperity."

However, eagle-eyed Twitter users quickly pointed out that the invite may have been missing the letter "r" in Ukraine - making it look like "Ukaine" on both the envelope and card.

One said: "Please tell me that isn't a spelling mistake on the very official coronation invite"

Others posted spotting the potential error, too.

However, another user disputed the typo, claiming it was old English cursive writing instead.

They said: "The K and the R are together! There are two loops on top indicating two letters."

Whether it was old-style calligraphy or a lack of proofreading, the First Lady of Ukraine, who represented her country at the ceremony, was more interested in the occasion and the guests, who she thanked for showing solidarity with the war-torn nation.

She said: "Was glad to hear words of support toward Ukraine from guests of the ceremony."

She expressed her pleasure at meeting the first lady of the US, Jill Biden, along with Isaac Herzog, the president of Israel and royalty from Norway and Luxembourg.

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Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy didn't attend the ceremony but congratulated the King on his coronation, wishing him "many years of successful reign".

Mr Zelenskyy also called the King and Queen "true friends of Ukraine" and mentioned his "honour" of meeting with the King back in February.

More than 2,000 guests attended the coronation in Westminster Abbey, with thousands of spectators packing the Mall despite the wet weather to watch the procession afterwards.